Mumba Dance

Have you ever thought of dancing with your baby the minute they are born until they cannot be carried? Mumba dance program is developed by a Dance instructor a Movement psychotherapist and a Mother of three active babies. It’s a Dance and Movement Program for New Mums with their babies (0-3yrs) for Bonding Exercising and Feeling re-energised. Dance and Positive Touch is the best engagement tool for Bonding and also for child developement with co-ordination, balance, affinity to music and most of all Well being of All its users both Mother and child.


(sleepers/ sitters/ shufflers)
The program is for Mums with infants (Birth-wobbling). Mothers either hold them in their Arms or A Sling or engaging with them while they lie in observation. Mums will sometimes be, Gently lifting, swaying, tickling, rocking or kissing their Beautiful Bundle other times babies might be laying on a Blanket while mum engages in visual or touch gestures. Its a great place to learn how to rock your baby to sleep doing dances like the Waltz or finding other dance solutions to sort out the ‘BURP’! ……..And before you ask… Your baby is not too small. Most Mums come in by 4 weeks or when they feel able. Though if you have had a C-section please check with your GP after 6-8weeks.

Mums and thumbs

(runners/ jumpers/ climbers)
Program is designed to keep up with the active child. It is pure dance and play. Expect Games like ‘peek –a-boo’ and tag. Plenty of squealing in the room from everyone. Be prepared! It’s a great play ground for your bundles of energy and a great fitness gym for Mother. Don’t be fooled is not just fun and games, we promise you will break out in a sweat every session and love Mumba Dance for the waist matters.

Family Strides

Designed for Families to have a little dance and Exercise with their young ones. Families will experience a new style of dance together, learn about different cultures, bond through the positive touch of dance, learn about team building and gain higher self esteem through achieving together. The program has been designed by a Dance artist and a Movement Psychotherapist so be ready for physical and emotional well being. Be ready to huff and puff whatever your age.
Bollywood wild with your child (4-12yrs)
Bollywood Fitness Dance and learning a new cultural experience. Involves creative and imitative dance as well as learning about language, dress and cultural diversity. Course is targetted for adults and children. children will feel stimulated with more knowledge and adults will feel truly exercised. Great bonding session for all the family.
Ballroom gene with your teen (13+)
Learn the Waltz/ Rumba and Jive this term. Learn how to lead and follow. Music is adapted to the growing teen so tracks will be more recent hits then the golden oldies. though we have something to suit all tastes. Couple dancing is the best from of tactile bonding for families. Here at Mumba Dance we encourage families either Husbands and Wives, mother in-law and son in-law, fathers and daughters, mothers and nephews, grandma and grandson, cousins, etc to come together and dance.